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Hey you, our disc is coming in March 2024. You can pre-order now and save 20%.

Master your disc.

Never used a disc or cup before?
Don't worry, with these 5 steps you can master your disc.



First disinfect the disc in boiling water for 5 minutes. Let it cool down, wash your hands and relax. You got it!

To insert the disc, fold it into a figure 8. Important: the flap points away from the body!.

When you fold the disc, it will be the size and shape of a tampon. No exciting folding techniques like with a cup.



There are 3 important body positions that make insertion easier. Squatting, raising your legs and sitting on the toilet.

Relax and insert the back edge of the disc into your vagina and push the disc as far back as possible towards your tailbone with your index finger. To place the disc correctly, push the front edge upwards and behind the pubic bone.

! It gets easier with each cycle. Give yourself some time and keep at it!



Die Disc ist drin. Whoop! Wenn du sie richtig eingeführt hast, solltest du nichts spüren und wahrscheinlich sogar vergessen, dass sie da ist.

Du kannst sie bis zu 12h drin lassen, ohne dich darum kümmern zu müssen.

! Die Disc hat ein Fassungsvolumen von 5-6 Tampons. Keine Sorgen auch bei einer starken Blutung. Durch die Selbstleerungsfunktion musst du dir nie  mehr Gedanken machen, wie du die Disc entleerst wenn du unterwegs bist.



To remove, first wash your hands and then slip your finger into the tab of the rayne Disc. Pull it out slowly with one finger.

! Thanks to our finger tab, you can remove it with one finger and without making a mess.
If you still feel a little unsure, remove the disc under a warm shower.



During your period, you can rinse them with water or use them with a fragrance-free, pH-neutral soap.

Between each cycle, you should disinfect them in boiling water for at least 5 minutes. Once dry, simply store them in a cool, dry place in the bag provided.